GDPR: Come evitare di perdere un terzo dei vostri dati

Face à l’arrivée du RGPD, comment éviter de perdre un tiers de ses données ?

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Collecting as much data as possible (and especially collecting it well) is one of the main issues for all brands. Nevertheless, faced with the growth of adblocking, the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ever-widening gap between the treatment of different types of cookies, some questions need to be asked.

How to succeed not to feel the impact of these elements on its collection and therefore on its data-driven strategy? How to preserve the quantity and the quality of its data? And if, because of these elements, your Tag Management System (TMS) does not trigger? Have you wondered about the 1st party?

Concretely, the collection is possible thanks to cookies.

Although in essence a cookie is a simple text file, there are, by necessity, two types: either filed with the current domain name of the advertiser (1st) or with another domain name (3rd). But currently, 1st and 3rd cookies are not treated the same way, far from it. If the 1st are treated with kindness by browsers and tools, the 3rd are often not: adblockers & browsers leaving very little of them go through. In other words, a segregation of the 3rd seems to have gradually settled. The CNIL recommends rejecting them by default [1], the updated text of the ePrivacy directive requires browsers to ask users if they want their authorization [2] – when browsers do not do it automatically. For example, the Safari 11 web version blocks users’ ad tracking technique via a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention [3]. Google, for its part, has launched a native adblock for its Chrome browser [4].

In general, the adblocking rate is currently around 32% in Europe [5].

Your TMS must thus adapt.

In order for the quality of the collection to be preserved, care must be taken so it, get triggered (and triggers the other tags), works with a 1st party tag. Because if it is in 3rd, you will understand, it will most likely be integrated in the lists of adblockers. Therefore, if you have set up an onsite technology in your TMS such as a chat or a personalization tool, it will be blocked, therefore unusable.

That’s right! The TMS encapsulates all the tags (including all those of your technological solutions, like that of your CDP for example), so if it is blocked, everything is blocked.

It is therefore essential that your collection tool is in 1st and do not miss out on data that could prove to be key, especially when they are at the heart of your Data-Driven strategy. It’s your technological ecosystem and, even more, the growth of your company, which depend on this third of additional data.



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