5 chiavi per misurare l’impatto di una campagna Branding

Les 5 clés pour mesurer l’impact de campagnes branding grâce à l’attribution

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The problem is old like Herod: how can I quantify the impact of my branding campaigns on my final conversions and the turnover generated?

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Historical channels such as television, radio or print have continued to fuel this questioning by their difficulties to be measured. As for formats and broadcasting methods of online campaigns, they continue to become more complex due to their more or less recent natures: programmatic, Native Advertising, etc.

All of these channels play a vital role in the brand’s first exhibition. They create the very first interaction between the brand and the users (who dis not know it yet). For this reason, marketers are continually seeking to understand how they can demonstrate the importance of these investments as part of an essential growth driver.

Can attribution play a role in achieving this goal? The answer is yes. Here are 5 keys to get closer:


1/ Collect online ad impressions

Tracking every ad impression is not just a possibility, it’s above all a necessity to identify the customer’s journey. This allows you to trace the marketing history to the sale.

2/ Identify the impact of your TV campaigns on your online conversions

Who has not dreamed in his wildest dreams to measure the impact of the budgets spent on TV on the performance of his campaigns and the growth of his activity? While awaiting the arrival of the programmatic TV which should allow a more reliable measurement, it is possible to attribute, thanks to statistical methods, the traffic to the TV spots over specific periods. We can collect incremental traffic generated on online devices and thus measure the contribution of this spot on final sales. This model does not identify a “safe” user, but it can be terribly effective if the components are well under control.

3/ Identify the impact of your print campaigns

Tracking the impact of print campaigns seems to be even harder or impossible. However, do not underestimate the value of the QR code in this quest. This small scanner code represents a real opportunity for marketing to identify a point of interaction between the reader and the brand. It can thus be linked to the final conversions.

4/ Create a dedicated branding attribution

All the challenge of branding is to bring a positive and especially attractive view of your brand that will lead everyone to discover it. This work is done before the funnel marketing, it must be evaluated on a suitable objective. This will create a KPI-based attribution of a new unique visitor combined with a first touch attribution view (the conversion is 100% attributed to the first marketing key).

5/ Enhance the branding contribution

 You invest time and money in your acquisition channels. It is thus essential to value the contribution of each of them through specific analyzes. The attendance rate could allow you to analyze the number of appearance of your branding campaigns in the conversion history to global conversions.

You now have all the keys in your hands, make good use of them!

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