Our features
Media Analytics.

Real-time marketing performance reports.

Manage the performance of your campaigns day by day with over 100 KPIs: sales, leads, revenue, visits, page views, etc.

Take advantage of a wide range of data visualization options, and a fine level of detail to filter your reports on a specific channel, partner, or objectives.

Compare your metrics over time and across multiple attribution windows.

Report center.

Create customized reports tailored to your needs. Gain flexibility in your analyses and share them easily with your collaborators.

Customer Journey Reports.

Gain key information about your media mix and customer journeys in our 10 Customer Journey reports. Discover your best performing media paths, understand your customers’ behaviors, and describe the role of your marketing channels in the conversion paths.

Product Analytics Report.

Identify the most effective marketing levers by product, by product category, or by universe.

Research Online Purchase Offline Report.

Measure the impact of your online campaigns on your in-store conversions