Creativity – the sweetheart of your campaigns

40% de performance en plus grâce à la CREA – le joli cœur des campagnes

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The online advertising market continues to grow and its impact on conversions as well.

But when you analyze the performance of your campaigns with an attribution tool, are you aware of the importance of creativity in it?

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The Native Advertising jumps

The Native Advertising is designed to take into account the editorial format of the website on which it is pushed and integrated into the flow of information of this same site. This is to ensure consistency between the content of the publisher’s support site and advertising.

Here are some examples of advertising that may be native:

  • A sponsored post / tweet on Facebook / Twitter,
  • A video that appears in the middle of an article on a web page.
  • An image / text couple using the same graphic charter as the “recommended articles” at the bottom of the article
  • A sponsored article (or ad) within an article list
  • An ad in an Instagram feed

N.B. According to IHS Technology, the use of native advertisements allows an increase in the commitment of 20 to 60%. In addition, they retain 3 times more the attention of users than conventional ads.

Creativiy: the keystone of your campaigns

Creativity is the central element of any campaign. These are its consistency with, on one hand, the site on which it will be broadcast, and on the other hand, the associated landing page, which mainly ensures its clickthrough rate. Making it attractive is primordial.

The update of the design is indeed a key action to optimize the performance of an advertising placement. By breaking the visual habit, the interaction of users and mobile users on the different formats displayed is optimized.

To leave no room for chance, you need to start with a “kit” of five to six banners and track the performance of each with an A / B Testing. You will get significant trends, and thus engage optimizations.

From the first week of broadcasting and obtaining the first results, it’s necessary to take the decisions to stop or create new ads. Thanks to these adjustments, you can easily obtain performances multiplied by two or even three on items like the CTR, time spent, CPV, etc.

What are the vectors of performance?

The creation must be zoomed and colored and fit current trends while respecting a quality charter “sticking” to the requirements of the network.

The wording: SEA, SEO, SEM database of the controlled activity sector

The format: for example, the inRead (format integrated within the text and the reading space of an article) performs 30 to 40% more, in terms of clickthrough rate (CTR) and visible impression (vCPM), than a format at the bottom of the article.

Targeting: geolocalization, type of device and exclusion of certain segments (e.g. already clients).

Other benefits to note?

One of the significant advantages for any advertiser is the assurance of a” brandsafe “context: the guarantee that the environment in which their publication will be broadcast will be in adequation with their brand and their values.

It is indeed always more reassuring to know that its content will not be broadcast on a site advocating racism and / or violence or that the timing of broadcast will not be extremely bad (eg an advertisement on the safety of trains the day of a derailment).

Moreover, implicitly, pushing a content in a universe that the user appreciates (otherwise it would probably not browse this site) implies by association an affinity towards the brand that offers products and thus an increase in notoriety of this brand.

What about publishers?

The respect of the publisher graphic charter is an important element. The goal is to have the most native and best integrated position possible (font, color, etc).

Make non-intrusive ads and respect the user experience your first choices.

The perception of the user and the advertising performance are negatively impacted when a publisher adds a too large number of advertising formats. Try to limit your integrations to 3 formats maximum in one page (e.g. article footer, inRead and Side – right or left column) and to ensure their consistency with the charter. With little advertising space, the publisher expects ads to be a little more palatable than a campaign for a magic slimming pill.

The creativity, in the heart of campaigns but also of a business model?

Creativity is ultimately the bedrock on which a triple challenge lies at the level of advertisers, publishers and advertising agencies.

The advertiser spends a substantial marketing budget and must therefore put all the chances on his side to promote a return on investment.

The publisher whose monetization spaces depends, in part, of the advertising click rate but for whom the user experience in a pleasant environment is a priority.

Finally advertising agencies, whose remuneration depends on the well-being of campaigns.

More than ever, in a society based on the image, creativity is far from being a detail. At the heart of campaigns and especially of the business, all efforts must be focused on its optimization.

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