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What is the next relevant action to make in order to optimize my media mix? How can I invest or save money on my marketing campaigns? Despite the level of sophistication of attribution solutions, marketing teams continue to question about these themes. Who can help them figure it out these issues?

Quick and accurate actions

There is no lack of data, reports, dashboards, or functionality. Time is missing. Sometimes resources or maturity. It’s difficult in these conditions to identify the right insights that lead to the right actions for marketing campaigns (switch a budget from one campaign to another, stop a campaign, increase the budget on a certain media…). In most of the case, the identification of insights leading to the right actions is still manual. It is in this context that AI must bring value to the optimization of the media mix: a faster, more accurate and largely automated action. Utopia? No, this technology does exist, and it is called “Next Best Action”.

AI in attribution

Next Best Action’s technology does not mean you must not follow a methodology. It allows you to gain maturity in attribution and helps you avoid using some algorithms inefficiently, read our other article on this topic “AI to start in attribution, it’s possible“. Nevertheless, AI allow to make decisions without having an advanced level in attribution.

The Next Best Action allows marketing teams to focus on prioritizing actions. The solution presents in real time the best possible actions to take and provides justification for these actions.  AI is looking for issues, explains their origins, and proposes one or more actions to resolve them.

1st brick of augmented attribution

The Next Best Action is the first step on the road to a new generation of attribution solutions: augmented attribution, an attribution that involves artificial intelligence with technology at its heart!

The challenge of augmented attribution will be to help marketing teams to identify the right actions and to optimize their media mix. Actions are sometimes difficult to identify because of a lack of time, resources, or maturity. With augmented attribution, marketing teams will have a weapon of choice to answer all their questions in attribution.

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