Monetize your data with a dedicated datalayer

Monétisez vos données grâce à un datalayer dédié

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Ah! It is well past the time when publishers were content with a simple business model, where a newspaper was worth a coin. The era of digital transformation is now much more advanced. From the sale of print spaces to the monetization of data, there was only one step.

Whether publishers or advertisers, these gold diggers no longer want to dig in a vacuum. They have now become aware of the opportunities available to them. The business around the monetization of the data is thus, for them, a clear path. But how to access it? How to sell your data at a high price?

What are the challenges?

The first challenge is to define the data that could present of real interest for the sale. The aim is to collect data related to the appetence of users towards a certain type of content (thematic or format: article, video, etc.). The second issue will be to give value to these data.

How to give value? Eulerian Context Flag!

Publishers and advertisers, you, who want to monetize, if you did not know yet, you can flag and qualify your users with a data layer (set of variables to collect data on each page of your site) specially designed to monetize!

You have specific variables: The Context Flags.

As the name suggests, they allow you to flag the affinity of a user on the pages of your choice and to apply the concepts of recency & frequency when creating and activating your audiences.

For advertisers, what happen?

 Imagine an airline company wants to monetize its data of traveler with intentions (basically, people having shown their desire to move).

Scenario A: A user X made only one search to an exotic destination and it was already 15 days ago. We can then guess that he has not really decided to leave.

Scenario B: A user Y has relaunched his search every day for the last 7 days. It can be estimated that the probability of him buying a ticket to this destination is extremely high.

The two scenarios are monetizable, but the second, highlighting a much more pronounced intention to leave (no doubt, if he searches as much it is that he wants to get the best price for his ticket) will obviously be sold more expensive, for example, a hotel chain with a base in the chosen country. Thus, once the user qualified, his profile will be valued according to criteria of freshness and repetition definable by recency & frequency parameters in segmentation and activation.

And for publishers?

Another example for a publisher this time, which seeks to monetize an audience of sports news readers (it’s totally arbitrary, we could have spoken about “political” audience …). Thanks to the Context Flag, during a visit of a user on the page summarizing the soccer results of the weekend in England, he will be able to flag both “Sport” but also “soccer”, “English championship” while qualifying the repetition linked to the flag. Is he a real fan of the English league or just curious?

For an advertiser, such as a telecommunications operator looking to push its TV / Internet offers, it will be a chance to have access to this data pool to launch campaigns to promote its box – highlighting its offer “Sport box” and the exclusivity of his rights on the English championship.

If the definition of “profiles” is today at the heart of a monetization strategy, the ambition is to be able to take their valuation upwards.

Using a data layer dedicated to monetization, such as Eulerian Context Flag, to qualify the recency and frequency of your data, will allow you to have all the cards in hand to carry out your negotiations!

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