How do I collect data from mobile apps?

El universo APP: ¿Cómo optimizar la recopilación?

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The mobile takes more and more space! And in this universe, the application domain is king: 87% of French are spending their “mobile” time on it [1]. Marc, founder of a vintage ready-to-wear brand is fully aware of these figures. That’s why, in addition to his website, he has developed an App.

But for this particular universe, collecting data is not done by setting up tags, but SDK analytics.

SDK: three letters for Software Development Kit. As the name suggests, it is a tool, a brick for developers to integrate third-party services. In theory, it is simple and convenient. But, just like the tags on the web, Marc is already despairing of having to integrate, not only his SDK to collect his data, but also almost as many SDK as he has partners (because they too want to collect data). He knows fully well that the SDKs make the App heavy, that they bring redundancies in the data collection, expose it to security flaws … Actually, not so convenient.

However, to overcome these problems, there is a solution for Mark: do not integrate SDK!

How? Through a server-to-server (S2S) solution. The data is sent directly from Marc company’s server to the server of its technology partner (CDP in this case). They are transmitted without the partner having to integrate SDK. At the time of collection, the CDP will be able to trigger S2S connectors from other partners of the advertiser. An alternative that has everything to facilitate the development of its activity!

The Benefits ?


Because yes, the multiplication of SDK worries developers because of security flaws they could cause.


User experience side, the App is lightened and therefore responds faster (since the collection is spent server side).


Marc’s Marketing Department will finally be able to quickly and efficiently test new partners by saving the time to integrate new SDKs.


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