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Eulerian invents Augmented Media Analytics. Smart technology to help you make the best marketing decisions quickly. The platform anticipates, alerts and guides you in real time to optimize your marketing expenses and increase your profitability.

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Why is our technology unique?


Marketing teams.

Too many advertising platforms, not enough time, scattered data, measurement tools that are often opaque… your performance monitoring and the management of your media budgets on a daily basis are a headache. Discover the solution that gives you a 360° view of your performance. No need to spend hours scouring advertising platforms for results that are often dubious at best. With Eulerian, you can quickly and easily make the best media investment decisions and increase your brand awareness.

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Data teams.

Without accurate and reliable data, it is impossible to make informed decisions. We offer you the ideal solution to collect your raw data, unify it and transform it into usable information for your marketing teams. Discover a solution that is ready to be connected and feed your data analysis tools to make your business intelligence and data science activities even more powerful. RFM and LTV analysis, scoring, profiling, customer models, life cycles… you drive your business growth.


Digital or consulting agencies.

Bring additional expertise in attribution and advise your clients on their media investments reliably and sustainably.

Join our network of certified agencies and enjoy the many benefits of our partner program.

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Leading technology on the market.

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